Large Banknotes to Foreign Destinations
By: Michael Heller

Feb 12 , 2019

Michael Heller was the speaker for February on the topic: “Large Banknotes to Foreign Destinations.”  At the start of his talk, he described the development of the Universal Postal Union in 1875 and the applicable rates from the U.S. to foreign destinations for both covers and postal cards

As the Large Bank Note stamp period spanned 1870 to 1890, the majority of covers shown reflected the UPU rates.  The focus was on the variety of stamp combinations, auxiliary markings, forwarder handstamps and a large number of foreign destinations, including: Canada, Nova Scotia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Greece, Egypt, Japan, Argentina, Bermuda, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Bohemia, India, Belgium, Mexico, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Russia and Danish West Indies.

Highlights included: Strip of 5 one cent Banknotes to London, forwarded to Paris; 6 cent plus 12 cent Banknotes to Quebec, 1870 (triple rate); 5 cent Taylor to Italy, forwarded to Egypt; 15 cent Banknote to South Africa; 5 cent Garfield to France, forwarded to Greece.