Ken Kutz – Rocky Mountain Mining

Oct 1 , 1999




The speaker at our October seminar was Ken Kutz, whose topic was Rocky Mountain mining. Ken showed us a nice variety of covers related to mining, ranging from beautiful advertising covers to very rare express covers. This included covers from the California Society of Pioneers, a suede gold bag that went through the mails with eight ten cent greens and a number of illustrated covers printed in the West. He noted that his collection included all butOctober1999page4 one of the 130 recorded California mining illustrated covers. There was a rare item to Cherry Creek, Kansas Territory and a wonderful letter about Pike’s Peak being a scam with three starving miners there asking to be shot. One illustration was of the town center of Cripple Creek; he also showed two extremely rare California lettersheets. Ken also showed a number of rare mining cancels and October1999page1expresses.