Preservation and conservation of postal history
By: Joseph G. Reinis

Jun 1 , 2000



Adhesive tape                           Carbon tetrachloride

Pressure sensitive tape             Benzene, Toluene

Duco cement                         Acetone

Glue (animal)                        Warm water

Paste (vegetable rise, wheat)           Water

Tar                                     Gasoline, Carbon Tet, Piridine, Benzene

Rubber cement                           Carbon disulphide or Benzine & toluene mixed 50/50.

Wax                                Gasoline, Chloroform or Carbon disulphide

Mildew                                 Ethyl Alcohol or Benzine

Fly Specks                              Hydrogen peroxide

Tea or Coffee                Potassium perborate

Rust                               Oxalic acid 5%

Grease, oil, fat                Alcohol, Trichloroethylene, Gasoline, Benzine, Piridine

Some volatile solvents can be highly flammable.  Other solvents may have objectionable odor. Safety precautions are needed for a number of ingredients that are carcinogenic.