Classic postage dues
By: John Irwin

Oct 1 , 2001

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Our speaker in October, John Irwin, showed page after page of postage due essays, proofs, and stamps in addition to about 100 covers to show various uses. One unusual feature was that he brought a UV-lamp for a hands-on demonstration of the fluorescent qualities of the claret issue. If memory serves this is only the second time seminar attendees have been able to examine the material under black light. Among the significant items was a showing of the Roosevelt and Pan Pacific proofs, several first day covers, and some unique uses on cover. Warren Bower (a behind the scenes contributor to the Arfkin postage due book) had advised John on analysis of a number of items, while John’s interest in the area stemmed from attendance and substantial purchases at the Arfkin sale, many of which were shown. The meeting generated animated discussion and several after the event complimentary phone calls to me on his presentation.


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