FDC’s to Foreign Destinations
By: Henry Scheuer

Oct 13 , 2020

Henry Scheuer was our speaker at the October 13 (Zoom) meeting of the New York Chapter USPCS on the topic “First Day Covers mailed to Foreign Destinations.”  As always, Henry provided us with a fascinating story of the covers he showed that evening, which focused on FDCs sent to rather uncommon destinations.

Henry started his presentation with a 65 cent Zeppelin FDC mailed to Peru in 1930.  He then showed covers sent on their first day of issue to smaller and smaller destinations, all properly backstamped.  In each case, he remarked on the population of the country both on the date of mailing and the current year.  These destinations included Dominica, Bermuda, Faroe Islands, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Gibraltar, Falkland Islands, Tristan da Cunha and Pitcairn Islands.