Exploring the Back of the Book
By: Roger Brody

Jun 11 , 2019

Roger Brody presented on June 11 on the topic “Exploring the Back of the Book.”  While much of the material represented various uses of revenue stamps on their original documents, Roger also brought interesting examples of postage currency and International Reply Coupons.

The presentation began with a number of examples of revenue stamps used on railroad stock certificates and other documents.  In each case, Roger discussed the specific type of stamp used and how the rates were determined.  These included divorce documents, warrantee deeds, life insurance contracts and shipping certificates.

One particular highlight was an example of the rare six cent proprietary stamp.  Roger also showed examples of revenue stamps on photos and several of the large Newspaper stamps.  He also discussed the relationship between International Reply Coupons and the original Ponzi scheme.  Needless to say, it was a very informative presentation.