Establishing EDU’s for U.S. Stamps
By: Ed Siskin & Henry Scheuer

Dec 8 , 2020

Henry Scheuer and Ed Siskin were our co-speakers on December 8, on the topic “The Basis For First Day and Earliest Use Dates.”   Ed started out by describing the genesis of this project that began in the mid-1970s, including the importance of defining what a first day or earliest documented use actually meant.  He then showed a long list of stamps with designated first days and reviewed the various source records for setting earliest dates of use.  Henry then jumped in and commented on a number of first day covers that he acquired over the years, including: July 1, 1851 three cent orange brown;  October 1, 1883 two cent brown; and the unique June 17, 1898 one dollar black Trans-Mississippi FDC.   Other FDCs included: Jamestown issue; Washington-Franklin issues; Special Delivery and other stamp issues.  All in all, this was a very educational and informative meeting, along with an incredible array of rare First Day Covers!