10 Cent 1869 Stamp – Proofs and Essays
By: Michael Laurence

Nov 13 , 2018

Our speaker for November was Michael Laurence, with a wonderful PowerPoint presentation on “1869 Proofs and Essays, with a focus on the 10 Cent Issue.”  Michael first reviewed the definitions of proofs and essays and also discussed the Scott catalog taxonomy.

He then showed the different large die proofs of the 1869 issue, followed by the small die proofs from the Roosevelt album.  The 1869 proofs page from this album was particularly colorful!  Michael then discussed the Panama Pacific small die proofs of 1915.

The next part of his talk focused on the 1869 issue plate proofs on India.  Michael’s exhibit included a full pane of 150 proofs of the 10 cent issue! He also discussed various plate proofs on card, including the scarce 1869 inverts.  This was followed by trial color proofs and essays.  Michael showed many of the 1869 Safety Paper Essays, each example being unique!  He also discussed the scarce envelope essays.  Michael’s exhibit of the various proofs and essays was certainly impressive!