Postal History of Pawling, NY
By: Drew Nicholson, Charles DiComo

Apr 12 , 2011

Drew Nicholson and Charles DiComo, our joint speakers for April, gave us a very in-depth PowerPoint presentation on the “Postal History of Pawling, NY.”  The presentation started with a discussion of the early mail contracts and postal routes that covered this small town.  They then showed a number of examples of covers that were sent to Pawling in the mid-19th century, following by many examples of various Pawling postmarks.

It was noted that the spelling of this town varied over time (Pauling, Pawlings, etc.).  In addition to postmarked covers, the presentation included bank checks, promissory notes and even fractional currency produced in Pawling.  They also showed a “timeline” display of changes in the Pawling, NY postmarks from the early 19th century to the mid-20th century.  In essence, this talk could have been titled “Everything you wanted to know, but you were afraid to ask, about Pawling, NY”.  We all had a very entertaining evening!