Demonetization of the Three Cent First Issue Nesbitt Envelope
By: Labron Harris

May 11 , 2021

Labron Harris was our speaker at our May 11 meeting, on the topic “Demonetization of the Three Cent First Issue Nesbitt Envelope.” Labron has collected Nesbitt postal stationery for many years, with a particular focus on postal markings and uses. In this presentation, he showed a variety of Nesbitt envelopes that were demonitized as a result of the Civil War, including both Northern and Southern examples. The talk started with an envelope mailed from Philadelphia with an “Old Stamps/Not Recognized” marking, followed by an example from Kentucky marked “Illegal Stamp.” He then showed covers that were attempted uses of this demonitized issue that were marked ‘Due 3 Cents’, followed by a cover sent from the South, marked “Due 6” in circle. Other highlights included: POW cover from Capitol Prison with a Confederate stamp applied to a Nesbitt; cover marked “Southern Letter Unpaid” in blue; cover sent via Adams Express; Memphis Provisional stamps used on a Nesbitt; and several examples of Confederate stamps applied over the Nesbitt indicia.