Classic Illustrated Cameo Covers
By: Dave Jarrett

Oct 8 , 2013

David Jarrett was our speaker for October, with a showing of his “Classic Illustrated Cameo Covers.”  Over the years, David has formed one of the finest collections of illustrated advertising cameo covers (used mostly during the 1850s and 1860s), with a focus on hotels, factories and other buildings.  The superb condition of each of these covers make this collection even more appealing!

These covers reflected a large variety of states and cities.  Some of the large cities were very well represented, including Baltimore (large illustration of factory scene from Elder & Webb; tea dealers in two different colors; Howard House; commission merchants; leather dealers; etc.);  Boston ( Gleason’s Pictorial; American House hotel, in various colors); and Chicago (Briggs House, two colors; Chambers House).

In particular, David showed a large number of cameo covers from Philadelphia (including a ship builder with a Blood’s local) and New York City (National Stables; Water Cure with matching lettersheet; Dey Street House; and Crystal Palace Mills).   Other eye-catching covers included:  Canada (Royal Hotel and a brewery); Synodical Female College with a pair of Confederate stamps; Ophelton Female Seminary in gold; Mongahela House in three colors; and a Norfolk, VA cover showing two separate building cameos.