Civil War Prisoner Covers
By: Dan Ryterband

Sep 10 , 2012

Dan Ryterband was our speaker in September, on the topic of Civil War Prison Covers.  Dan brought a fabulous grouping of rare Civil War POW covers, representing prisons in both the North and South.  In additional to showing these rare covers, Dan provided us with a lot of background information, including mortality statistics covering the two sides of the war.

Among these covers were about 10 examples showing the stamps of both the Union and the Confederacy, all of whom were in much above-average condition.  While most of these covers reflected a combination of a 10 cent Confederate stamp and a 3 cent U.S. stamp, one cover showed the extremely rare combination of a 20 cent Confederate stamp with a 3 cent U.S. stamp.

These covers represented many different prisons, including: Fort Delaware, Camp Chase, Libby Prison, Point Lookout, David’s Island, Camp Sorgham and the infamous Andersonville prison.  In fact, the POW cover from the latter prison was made out of wallpaper!  Dan also showed two covers, each with a Due 10 marking, from one of the prisoners in the “Immortal 600.”

Needless to say, we were very impressed with Dan’s knowledge of this area of postal history and the quality of the material presented that evening.