Club member exhibits

Dec 1 , 2000

Our December 2000 meeting was a show-and-tell and the best in my memory of the past decade.  Irving Adams showed an illustrated hotel item as well as a potential bisected letter sheet.  A selection of various perforation varieties were shown.  Harlan Stone showed a rare short-rate period cover from Switzerland to the U.S.  It is even rarer than the seven-month U.S. to Japan rate.  Helen Galatan-Stone showed an example of the Blood’s ‘striding messenger’, another example of which was shown by Dr. Vernon Morris who also brought in the newspaper announcing Tilden’s election in November 1876, before the controversial shift of electors in Louisiana, Florida and South Carolina.  This newspaper report supplemented the Tilden letter on how to run a successful campaign shown by Calvet Hahn with commentary on the problems of close elections in earlier cases and the resultant deaths of national leaders.

Harvey Mirsky showed several examples of the 1847 issue including two examples of so-called ‘triple rates’, one in the correct short time period during its existence and the other with a ‘due 5’ to create the quadruple rate instituted in 1849.  Peter Schwartz showed a selection of revenues including proofs and essays.  Finally, Michael Heller presented a run of illustrated letter-sheets showing buildings and street scenes.  Most of these folded letter-sheets reflected circular rate marks (1845-1855) and stamps (1856-1880s).  Some of the illustrations were quite elaborate full- page examples.

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