Civil War Postal History
By: Dan Ryterband

Mar 10 , 2020

Dan Ryterband, our speaker for March, brought an astounding array of Civil War postal history material (that were not part of Dan’s eight-frame Civil War exhibit), essentially covering most every philatelic aspect of that period of time.  This included Union and Confederate patriotic covers (including rare foreign destination uses), adversity covers, Confederate Postmaster Provisionals, Union Sanitary Fairs and many others examples. 

Dan started the presentation with a couple of covers carried by slaves, followed by a great many covers showing Independent State uses and Confederate use of Union stamps. He then showed early examples of transatlantic mail to and from Confederate states, followed by Express mail examples.

Highlights included: 1861 Union stamps used on trans-continental and transatlantic mail, including covers to China; a great many examples of CSA stampless provisional markings, including Petersburg, FL provisional control markings; and CSA Postmaster Provisional stamps used on cover, including allover advertising covers.

Dan then showed many examples of CSA regular issue stamps used in a large variety of different ways: advertising covers; mourning covers; steamboat; and a rare example of both the “ten” and “10” cent stamps used on one cover.

Other highlights included: General Lee field franked cover; U.S. Sanitary Fair covers; depreciated currency markings; Chattanooga Union army provisional postmarks; blockade-run mail; and many Magnus multi-colored Union patriotic covers, including the Panorama of Washington cover with a large enclosure showing 33 scenes of Washington!

Confederate patriotic covers included allover flag designs and one with the Memphis, TN 5 cent red Postmaster Provisional. Dan also showed many examples of CSA covers made from wallpaper and various printed forms. Overall, this was an over-whelming presentation of Civil War material in outstanding condition!