Civil War Patriotic Labels and Seals
By: Chip Gliedman

Feb 9 , 2021

At our last New York Chapter USPCS Zoom meeting on February 9, Chip Gliedman gave us a fascination presentation on “Civil War Patriotic Labels and Seals.” While many of us are familiar with printed illustrated Civil War Patriotic covers, Chip showed us a great many examples of covers that had an illustrated label or seal used as a form of patriotic sentiment. Many of these labels showed single and multi-color flag designs, while others depicted famous presidents, soldiers and statesmen. These covers were franked with a variety of different postage stamps, including the one cent Franklin and the two cent Blackjack.

Chip also showed a number of full sheets of labels in a variety of colors, all of which were very scarce. Chip concluded his presentation with a showing of several rare Confederate labels on cover.