Choices, Choices! Sending Mail from the US to Europe in the 1860s
By: Rob Faux

Jun 8 , 2021

Rob Faux was our speaker at our June 8 meeting of the New York Chapter USPCS, on the topic “Choices, Choices! Sending Mail from the US to Europe in the 1860s.”

Rob showed an incredible array of transatlantic mail from the 1860s, covering a number of destinations within Europe. Starting with the U.S.-British Convention of 1848, Rob analyzed these covers, including the breakdown of the credits and debits associated with each nation. He showed examples of multiple rate and short-paid covers, and his covers reflected the various stamps from the 1861 issue, including many examples of the 24 cent stamp. Rob also showed examples of covers sent from France to the U.S. during this time period. Using a cover sent from the U.S. to Switzerland, Rob showed how the U.S., England, France and Switzerland shared the postal payments. He also showed different examples of covers sent to Switzerland involving French, Hamburg, Prussian and British Open Mail. Other covers demonstrated the various rates to Italy and Spain via the different mail routes. Rob clearly demonstrated his deep knowledge of the various postal treaties and how rates were determined when sending letters to these various countries.