Behind the Scenes at the Chronicle
By: Michael Laurence

Sep 13 , 2016
Our September speaker was Michael Laurence, who presented a fascinating talk on “Behind the Scenes at the Chronicle.”  Michael has spent more than 50 years as an editor of various magazines, including Playboy, Linn’s Stamp News and the USPCS Chronicle. His talk described some of the key aspects that make the Chronicle such a successful publication. Michael described four keys to the Chronicle’s...

NYC Illustrated Mail
By: Michael Heller

Jun 14 , 2016
Michael Heller was again our presenter, speaking at the June 14 meeting on the topic “NYC Illustrated Mail.”  The talk centered on his recent exhibit at the NY2016 International Show, which reflected a large selection of illustrated advertising lettersheets and covers depicting buildings and street scenes of lower Manhattan during the time period 1845 to 1890. The first exhibit page showed an i...

Chicago, Illustrated
By: Michael Heller

May 10 , 2016
Due to a last-minute change in speakers, Mike Heller presented at the May meeting, on the topic “Chicago, Illustrated.”  Mike showed a large variety of illustrated advertising covers that featured hotels and other businesses of the Windy City. He started his presentation with two different covers depicting the famous Tremont House on the back of each cover.  One was postmarked 1857 while the ot...

U.S. Zeppelin Mail
By: Dan Ryterband

Apr 12 , 2016
Our speaker for April was Dan Ryterband, who showed his collection of “U.S. Zeppelin Mail.”  While the time frame of this material was somewhat later than the usual 19th century, the outstanding beauty, rarity and condition of the covers presented that evening more than compensated for the time difference! Dan began the presentation with an overview of Zeppelin mail and showed a large variety o...

U.S. Revenue Stamped Paper
By: Roger Brody

Mar 8 , 2016
Roger Brody was our speaker in March, on the topic “U.S. Revenue Stamped Paper.”  While Roger has only collected in this area over the last few years, his PowerPoint presentation reflected his strong knowledge of this specialized sector of revenue stamps. Roger began his presentation with an overview of the history of taxes and duty collections in the U.S.  Beginning with early taxes on importe...

Temperance – How a Social Movement used the Mails (1840-1869)
By: Chip Gliedman

Feb 9 , 2016
Our February speaker was Chip Gliedman, who presented on "Temperance - How a Social Movement used the Mails (1840-1869)".  His exhibit included a wide range of scarce to rare illustrated postal history focused on the 19th century Temperance movement.  Aside from the beauty of many of these covers, Chip noted the unusual rates and postal markings associated with these items. The talk started wit...