Hawaiian Numerals
By: Calvet M. Hahn

Nov 1 , 2003

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Our meeting of November 11th on the Hawaiian Numeral issues was a tribute to the late Frederick Wheeler. It was led by Calvet M. Hahn, who pointed out that the numeral issues were the second locally produced stamps from the same Hawaiian newspaper printing presses, the first to require payment for inter-island service (hitherto free) and that while ‘temporary’, they served for seven years generating 29 settings and 15 Scott major numbers, as the printers used any paper indiscriminately. He showed the Wheeler platings of 10 of the 29 settings. This was supplemented by an updating of the list of post offices and postmasters through the numeral period and a selection of about forty different cancels and killers used on the numerals taken from auction catalogs.

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