Brooklyn and Long Island Postal History
By: Wade Saadi, Scott Trepel, Dan Knowles, Michael Heller

May 13 , 2014

Our May 13 meeting featured four speakers, Scott Trepel, Dan Knowles, Wade Saadi and Michael Heller, on the topic: “Long Island – Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk postal history.”

Dan Knowles presented a number of very early letters sent to or from Sag Harbor, starting with a 1708 letter from South Hampton, perhaps the earliest known letter from Long Island.  One of the most fascinating items was a letter mailed in 1837, containing the first mention of the Spanish slave ship Amistad off the coast of Long Island.  Other notable items included two covers from Hawaii during the 1850s (with U.S. and Hawaiian stamps) and a cover marked with the rare Father Knickerbocker handstamp.

Scott Trepel followed with a showing of early Sag Harbor covers, including the earliest postmark from 1797.  He also showed an early Hawaii to U.S. cover mailed to Sag Harbor, a folded lettersheet sent by George Washington marked “President, U.S,” and a FLS with the straight line Pinckneyville, M.T. marking.

Wade Saadi showed a number of covers with fancy cancels on three cent 1851 – 1861 stamps, including:  Jamaica, NY; Orient, LI; Shelter Island; Flatbush (#65, block of six); and Brooklyn (mourning cover).  Other items included: “Missent to Brooklyn”; Bridgehampton (star in circle)l and a number of covers sent from Fort Hamilton (Brooklyn).

Mike Heller presented illustrated advertising covers mailed from Brooklyn, including:  Balch & Price (millinary goods); Hotel Dieter; Robert Gair factory; Ideal Rubber Company factory; Hotel St. George and Hotel Margaret.