Connecticut Postal History
By: Bob Lorenz

Jun 12 , 2012

Our speaker in June was Bob Lorenz on the topic: “Connecticut Postal History”.  Bob brought a very diverse group of covers that covered a wide range of postal history, including fascinating rates and usages, and many scarce cancels.  Some of the highlights included: early ship and steamboat markings; railroad postmarks on the three cent 1851 issue; Saybrook Ferry postal marking; and unusual illustrated advertising covers including one depicting a diver!

Other highlights of this presentation included: 1815 “war rate” markings, including a very rare forwarded cover; Oct. 1, 1883 (first day rate) on a two-cent postal stationery; free frank PM cover with excess postage due; 5 cent, 10 cent, 12 cent and 30 cent 1861 stamp issues used to foreign destinations; very fancy Lyme and East Lyme postmarks; early registered cover; and several examples of the scarce “Phillips Express” covers.

While the focus was on stamped and stampless covers mailed from various towns in Connecticut, Bob presented a very wide spectrum of scarce and unusual postal history.