1847 Stamps and Covers
By: Dan Ryterband

Apr 8 , 2014

Dan Ryterband, our April speaker, brought a comprehensive group of material to illustrate his talk: “1847 Stamps and Covers”.  This included five cent and ten cent 1847 issue stamps with interesting cancels and many covers showing a wide variety of postal markings.  Most importantly, virtually all stamps and covers were in pristine condition, usually with four-margin stamps.

Some of the highlights of the five cent stamp (#1) included: scarab cancel; Hudson River mail; Dot in S variety; several pairs, included the scarce red orange variety; Troy Steamboat and various railroad cancels.   Highlights of the ten cent stamp (#2) included:  Canadian 7-ring cancel; double transfer; “paint red” grid cancel and other scarce cancels.

Highlights of the postal history section included:  five cent on cover with pointing hand; five and ten cent on covers with Chicago cog cancels; pair ten cent with Express Mail cancel; five cent tied by Binghampton herring-bone cancel; four copies of five cent used from Philadelphia; Lake Champlain Steam Boat markings on separate five and ten cent covers; five cent used with Boyd’s local and several examples of the five and ten cent stamps used on cover to Canada.