1847 Covers taken to the Post Office by Local Post
By: Larry Lyons

Mar 11 , 2014

Our March speaker was Larry Lyons, on the topic: “1847 Covers taken to the Post Office by Local Post”.  Larry began his talk with a review of the number of known five cent (310) and ten cent (28) 1847 issue covers with local stamps or handstamps.  He noted that most of these covers were mailed either from New York City or Philadelphia.

He then showed many such covers with a variety of different local stamps or markings.  Included were:  Two five cent 1847 covers with Boyds local stamps; Boutons with five cent issue used in 1848; G. Carters local with five cent issue; Messenkope with five cent used in 1849; String & Morton’s with two five cent stamps, 1850: and an example of Kenyon’s Letter Office handstamp with a five cent 1847 issue.

Larry also showed three covers with Swarts local handstamp (including one with a ten cent 1847 issue) and one Swarts adhesive used with the five cent issue.  He also showed about a dozen covers with either Bloods adhesive or handstamp, along with either the five or ten cent 1847 issues.  All in all, our members were treated to a fabulous showing of these scarce postal history items.